Newly Original

I am one of the 75 million subscribers to Netflix. More specifically I’m one of the 40 million subscribers in the United States. I also helped contributed to the 42.5 billion hours of Netflix watched in 2015. Users watch an average of 100 million hours a day but that is an average of 1.8 hours of Netflix per person. I can confidently say that Netflix has a huge impact in the entertainment industry. One of the strongest statistics to this effect is their mark on creating new entertainment options. 90% of users have interacted with Netflix Original material. Since its first partnership show in 2012, Netflix has created a wide variety of shows and movies. Netflix has received high accreditation for their works from receiving 45 Emmy nominations, 10 Golden Globe Nominations, 2 Academy Award Nominations, and getting 3 Emmy Awards for their series “House of Cards”.  (DMR)

I am a big fan of Netflix Originals. I’ve watched all of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” and I’m incredibly excited for the next season to come to Netflix in April. I enjoyed Kimmy Schmidt’s character because she is cute and naïve. The girl grew up in a cult that kept her in a bunker. For most of her life she believed the world had ended and she survived with the small group of women she was with. When they are freed from their evil captor, Kimmy decides to live in New York. Kimmy has a lot to learn to survive on her own and they interesting characters she meets along the way are even more unique. Overall the show is very quirky and original. I enjoy that it isn’t a type of show that I’ve seen before.

Another great expansion to the Netflix Originals is their collaboration with Marvel. Television shows like “Daredevil” and “Jessica Jones” are really well produced. As I’ve shared before, (A Good Series) I enjoy superhero shows and the Netflix Originals do not disappoint. They contain they great fight scenes intense drama while also including sassy characters and supportive roles. Jessica Jones might not seem like a hero but she can’t help from doing the right thing and make right of her past. Matt Murdock coming from a troubled past over comes his injuries and exceeds his limitations to fight injustice in anyway he can.
I suggest watching any of these shows or any other Netflix Original. They have made a number of great productions. “Daredevil” and “Kimmy Schmidt” started off strong in viewer ratings but their highest show after 3 seasons is still the tv show drama, “House of Cards”. (Variety)
My favorite statistic is that I am being saved from 130 hours of commercials per year. Thanks, Netflix!


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