Maybe Leave the Throwbacks for Insta

The idea of bring back our favorite shows excites many fans and creates an uproar in the Twitter community. Everyone was shocked at the revitalization of the classic Full House show, Fuller House, created by Netflix. The drama about how would return and if it would actually occur flooded social media. However is this new trend of repeating old television shows inspirational or does it signify a lack of creativity in Hollywood trying to use our love of the past to capture our current attention.

I enjoyed watching the reruns of Full House growing up but I wasn’t really a dedicated fan. The show always had a Brady Bunch feeling that felt old to me. So I didn’t expect much from watching Fuller House. I ended up only watching one episode before deciding this wasn’t something I would enjoy. I realize that my opinion of the show isn’t everyone’s but for the purpose of the blog I will share some of my ideas.


The house is full again. Fuller house is coming to Netflix February 26.


I was happy that the show was able to compare to the original. It had almost all of the main characters and effectively created a scene in which they could all come together. Obviously one of the cutest characters in the original was played by young childhood stars and twins, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. It was disappointing that they didn’t return but I also don’t see how the show would have had both girls be one adult. And just having one return to the show would have been very weird. The show often throws shade at the Olsen twins but in really they couldn’t return and play the beloved Michelle Tanner. It is also noted that the adult characters leave the show shortly after the first couple episodes.


The show also plays back on the original humor of Full House. It is a light hearted comedy where crazy mistakes end in cute life lessons and a love for family. However this since of humor has changed with the years. I thought Fuller House was very cheesy and while this was cute when Full House was on tv, today it just seems outdated. The show received positive responses from viewers but critics were not as pleased. Amy Plitt wrote in her Rolling Stones article that “Fuller House is extremely corny, and unless you were a superfan of the old series it’s likely not going to be worth your time.” I enjoyed this review a lot because it share a lot of my same ideas so check it out: Rolling Stones.

The whole show focus back on the idea of the past show so in the end doesn’t really seem to have a purpose. Domini Patten wrote on the nostalgic audience by predicting that it might not last long he wrote,“Or perhaps, as Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton have been discovering on the Presidential trail, nostalgia sometimes isn’t enough.” Deadline Maybe it’s time Hollywood recognizes that they need to put more work behind there planning and be more creative.


I am worried because my favorite show Gilmore Girls is getting the same hype on social media about possibly becoming a show again. Of course I would love to see my characters on the screen but will the show also face the harsh criticism. I only hope that if the show returns it can live up to its previous height.


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